Concept Visualization


The client, a former surgeon and new entrepreneur, needed a solid story to raise capital for his new company, Sermo. His vision was to create a physicians-only social networking platform, but to allow finance, academia, and health care “insider” access to insights within the network.


We started by doing a thorough analysis of his existing story and conducting fact-finding meetings to unpack his thinking further. Throughout the process, we worked collaboratively to conceptualize and visualize key building blocks of his story.


We created a pair of Today and Tomorrow diagrams to highlight key benefits provided by the Sermo platform. These visuals, along with a process diagram of how the platform works, formed the basis of the new Sermo strategic story. Our client used this story to raise $40 million in funding and gain buy-in from early adopters. Today, Sermo is the largest online physician community in the U.S., with over 125,000 community members across 68 specialties.

Company: Humantific | UnderstandingLab
Role: Information Designer

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