Human Development Report


The American Human Development Project (AHDP) is a nonpartisan initiative to stimulate fact-based public debate about well-being in the United States. The Project’s co-founders sought to create the first-ever human development report for a wealthy, developed nation, but needed an agency partner who could help crystallize concepts, visualize data, and design the final report.


Early in the writing process, we worked to define the report’s organizing principle and diagram the findings of their research. We also reviewed the United Nations Development Program’s reports, on which the AHDP report was based; while rich in analysis and data displays, the UN reports lacked concept models and overall visual appeal. Our goal was to make the AHDP report accessible to all audiences — from academics and policy makers to everyday citizens and students — through rich diagrams, crisp data displays, and an inviting layout.


The Measure of America: American Human Development Report, 2008-2009 launched in July of 2008 to critical acclaim. In addition to the book design, we created an identity for AHDP, a promotional kit, and a strategic story with key findings. Since then, we went on to collaborate with the AHDP team on a second national report, state and county reports, and a thematic brief.

To date, AHDP’s work has informed policy and fiscal decisions in Mississippi, Louisiana, and California, as well as at the federal government level. (See for more about The Measure of America.)

Company: Humantific | UnderstandingLab
Role: Information Designer

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